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Dating can be really frustrating sometimes. But don't worry, we've got your back! We are here to support you with our authentic, responsive and fresh solution from the singles communities. We created this app with love to help you find your loved one because we believe that "Everyone deserves LOVE". What are you waiting for? Be part of our Golove Community!

Statistik Jomlo di Indonesia


Sekarang Kamu Tidak Perlu Takut Lagi

Golove akan membantu kamu menemukan pasangan terbaik untuk kamu


Our Feature

We are looking forward to solving your dating problem. We listen and collect all ideas from our singles communities before we start developing our main and future features. Do you have any ideas? Do not hesitate to contact us!


Group Chat

Waiting for a Match can be boring. With Group Chat you can chat with other singles or potential Match in prior. We categorize the group based on the topics.


Chat and Video Call

Providing your home number can sometimes be risky. You can use our chat and video call features to make your communication more convenient.


Worldwide Distance Filter

You prefer someone near you or someone from another part of the world? With this function you are perfectly equipped.


Speed Dating Event

You want to go on a date as soon as possible? Use our in-app speed dating event and meet your match now.


Filter Agama

The same religion can be a big PLUS when looking for a match. This filter will help you.

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